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Living Room serves individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS by providing subsidized supportive housing, housing referrals and housing-related emergency assistance.

Our programs and services are tailored to meet the diverse needs and situations of our clients.

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Centralized Intake

We identify the needs of clients seeking supportive, transitional, or permanent housing in metro Atlanta. Through our comprehensive network of resources and partners, we assist and receive all HIV-supportive housing applications in the region and connect clients to the exact services they need. This process, called “centralized intake,” ensures our clients have access to the best housing available and significantly reduces cost by eliminating interagency job duplication.
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Emergency Lodging

We have an unprecedented policy and are the only agency in the state guaranteeing that any homeless individual or family living with HIV/AIDS who comes to our office will be provided with an immediate housing option and will not spend another night on the streets. By following through with intensive case management, we find our clients more stable, long-term housing.

Recuperative Care

We assist individuals who, upon discharge from a hospital, have no home to return to by providing a place to stay for 60 days. During this time, our case managers assist with securing more stable housing and connect the client to other services, such as medical care, benefits, and food. We are the only organization in Atlanta providing this service for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)

We help families and individuals maintain housing by providing monthly rental subsidies for 12 - 24 months. Inspections assure that all housing spaces provide safe and appropriate living conditions. Focusing on long-term housing stability, our case managers provide in-home case management that focuses on either increasing client income or, if not possible, looking at more affordable housing options. Case managers also help our clients address non-housing-related issues, such as healthcare, school, and employment.

Special Needs Housing Assistance Program (SNHAP)

We give assistance to clients who are mentally ill, suffering addictions, or who are transgender by placing them in specialized residential and/or treatment programs for up to two years. Through case management, monthly subsidies, and our expertly trained residential partners, we walk with our clients on a path toward housing stability and sobriety, if needed. After facility inspection, clients are placed in the programs and rental subsidies are paid on their behalf to the providers.

Emergency Financial Assistance

We help clients maintain housing by providing one-time payments for rent, mortgage, and/or utilities. Financial assistance is provided in conjunction with budget coaching to increase household stability.