Voices of Taste of Life
July 26, 2017

Taste of Life is a party to help house people living with HIV/AIDS. There are a lot of reasons to be excited for it: the art, the open bar, the delicious food, the international wine selection, the DJ, the venue, the people, and the cause.

For Living Room and the event leaders putting on Taste of Life 2017, it always comes back to the mission to provide housing support for people living with HIV. If you read our last Taste of Life blog post, you’ll know that Georgia has a lot of work to do in the fight against HIV. We believe that ensuring stable housing is the first fundamental step.

If you’ve been on the fence about attending Taste of Life, or are going and want to learn more about the impact you’ll make, hear why some of the event leaders are excited for Living Room and the cause it’s supporting.

Attend Taste of Life 2017

“I believe in Living Room. I believe that by providing excellent services to people living with HIV and advocating for a strategic approach to housing ALL people living with HIV, we can END Atlanta’s HIV epidemic!”


“I passionately believe in the work that Living Room does. Housing and health are such fundamental needs and the marginalized populations we serve are some of the most critical. The need and the passion are there, and Taste of Life is a great way to expose those to members of the broader community.”


“Taste of Life raises awareness of the problem of homelessness among people living with HIV/AIDS in the community.”


“Taste of Life brings people together for fun and festive evening and all for a wonderful cause: to raise funds to help people through Living Room and to increase visibility of the organization in the community.”


“I believe that a stable home environment creates the space for people living with HIV/AIDS to fully realize their potential.”


Attend Taste of Life 2017

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