Living Room Selected As TechBridge Finalist
May 15, 2017

We’re happy to share that Living Room was selected by Techbridge as a finalist for its 2017 Technology Innovation Award. The award, given by Accenture, “has come to symbolize innovation and highlights the impact of technology on the nonprofit community.”

After a rigorous selection process, Living Room was chosen to be among the 40 Atlanta nonprofits invited to apply. Next, we were chosen as one of the three finalists for our grant proposal to overhaul our database and phone system in some pretty pioneering ways. We were incredibly excited, to say the least.

As a finalist, we were invited to attend TechBridge’s annual ball called The Digital Ball, where they were to announce the winner. Although we had a lovely time attending, we were unfortunately not selected as the winner (but a sincere congrats to Gideon’s Promise).

We're unbelievably thrilled and honored to be in attendance at the Tech Bridge #digitalball2017

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Pressing Onward and Not Letting Up

But our heads remain high. We’re passionate about what we do and strive to deliver effective and efficient services to the over 1,500 individuals and families we see each year. Our vision to expand Living Room’s technology infrastructure, the focus of our Techbridge proposal, is especially important because it means we will have the ability to help more clients each year and provide even better service experiences.

So we are pressing onward and not letting up to make Living Room the very best it can be until every single person living with HIV/AIDS in Georgia has stable housing.

Plus, we’re also strong believers that when one door closes another (two or four or seventeen) will open.

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