3 Questions That Will Change Atlanta (Pt 1)
September 24, 2017

Labor Day weekend has always seemed like a farewell party for summer. Usually, it’s a weekend of kicking back and relaxing – not doing any work. This year was a bit different for me as I staffed Living Room’s booth at the Pure Heat Community Festival* the Sunday before Labor Day.

Pure Heat began as a barbeque in Piedmont Park, but has grown over the years into a huge (there were thousands of attendees) Black Gay Pride Weekend festival. Pure Heat celebrates a unifying force that provides the resources to promote and accomplish goals in HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, human rights, education, outreach and a better understanding within our community of people from all walks of life.

Pure Heat Community Festival, 2017. Source: Georgia Voice

People living with HIV/AIDS are twice as likely to experience homelessness in their life and 70% of the people living with HIV/AIDS in Atlanta identify as black. These startling figures demonstrate the importance of bringing attention to this issue. To promote awareness, Living Room created a three question survey to start a conversation about HIV/AIDS and homelessness in Atlanta.


  1. How would you solve homelessness in Atlanta?
  2. How do we end HIV/AIDS?
  3. What issue (other than HIV or homelessness) do you believe is the biggest issue facing the city of Atlanta right now?

Engaging the community with a survey enabled me to let people know about the housing issues people living with HIV/AIDS in Atlanta face and also to inform them of the comprehensive services that Living Room provides. Reciprocally, the attendees gave me feedback on what they believe to be the main barriers to ending homelessness and HIV/AIDS.

Living Room volunteer D’nasha helps manage the booth at Pure Heat.

What were the most common answers? What did the respondents identify as being the best ways to solve the major issues our clients face? We’ll be continuing this project through Atlanta Pride (October 14-15) and will report survey results in the October newsletter. Be sure to look out for that!

Volunteer with us to help collect these responses by contacting me, Erin Linley, at erin.linley@livingroomatl.org.

How would you answer these 3 questions? Let us know in the comment section below!



*Hero Image Source: Georgia Voice

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