The Power of Permanent Housing
April 25, 2018

Thomas and his wife Danika were living in a transitional housing program, but desired a stable, long-term housing situation. Danika received disability benefits, but Thomas had been out of work for several months, so they could not afford to move. Determined, Thomas spent several weeks applying for jobs, and was able to find full-time employment and an apartment they were interested in. When Thomas and Danika came to Living Room, they were excited about their future of financial and housing stability, but did not have the $650 needed for the first month’s rent and security deposit to move into the apartment. With assistance from Living Room’s permanent housing placement program, they were provided the move-in costs, allowing them the stability and sustainability they so desperately desired.


Just Some of the Numbers
Through Permanent Housing Placement in 2017, we are happy to share we’ve been able to help 101 households move into a stable home with first month rent or fee assistance. Of those were:

  • 69 – Clients experiencing homelessness when they came to Living Room
  • 20 – Families with children
  • 5 – People who received furniture from the Atlanta Furniture Bank to make their homes livable


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