Open House Party Takes the Cake
January 30, 2018

Some people have ceremonies by cutting ribbons, breaking ground, or popping champagne. But at Living Room, we’re cake people.

At the New Office Open House Party held last week, we were elated to see so many friends, partners, and civic leaders come to see the new hub of where ending homelessness for people living with HIV in Georgia begins.

If you took a tour with us, you likely heard us mention over and over all the opportunities the new location and increase in space will allow. In metro Atlanta alone, there are roughly 17,000 people living with HIV who are unstably housed. To meet this need, we continue to increase the number of services we provide each year. This new office will equip our team to meet and exceed these benchmarks.

Thanks to everyone who attended our cake-cutting ceremony!

A Space by and for the Community.
We also took a moment to give special thanks to folks whose financial contributions especially have made this transition possible. Since Taste of Life last year, folks were invited to honor or commemorate a friend, family member, or leader by dedicating a room in our new office on their behalf.

Left to right: Keith Bragg and Roger Grier, who have been amazing supporters of Living Room through the years and have a powerful story to tell  donated the conference room “in honor of all who serve and in memory of those lost.”

Left to right: Justin Ziegler (Board Director) stands with his mother, Dr. Christine B. Ziegler, to whom he dedicated one of Living Room’s client meeting rooms.

Left to right: Steve Maddern, David Caron, Jim Kucera, and Myra Kucera, stand in Living Room’s executive office, which was dedicated in honor of David Caron’s vital work as AIDS Ministry Leader at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

If you didn’t get a chance to see our new office at the Open House (or would like to visit again), please feel free to stop by any time! We would be more than happy to give you a tour and show you where we are ending homelessness for people living with HIV in Georgia.

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