Meet Our 2017 Allstar Volunteers
January 31, 2018

From community outreach and events to technological services, we truly could not have served as many clients as we did in 2017 without the help of our volunteers. As we springboard into the new year, we want to take a moment to showcase and applaud three volunteers who went above and beyond in 2017.

Casey Shockley

Casey Shockley

Casey worked for several years as a social worker in California before moving to the east coast to be closer to her family. After deciding to make a career change, Casey was hired at Aderant and gained much knowledge and experience working with cloud based systems and became a Certified Salesforce Administrator. A colleague referred her to Living Room in 2016 and she has since helped revamp our Salesforce to improve foundation tracking and clean up our data.

When asked why she decided to follow up with her colleagues recommendation and volunteer with us, Casey replied, “I really like my job, but I do not feel fulfilled unless I’m doing work that makes the world a better place. Helping Living Room utilize its resources in better, more efficient and more flexible ways helps make the world better by increasing the chances that Living Room can assist others.”

Left to right: Angela Susten (executive director), Casey Shockley, and Erin Linley (community outreach coordinator) take a picture after recognizing Casey as an outstanding 2017 volunteer at Living Room’s New Office Open House event.

Michael West

Michael West

Michael grew up in Gwinnett and moved to Atlanta about 5 years ago. As a young entrepreneur he feels fortunate to be gainfully self-employed. This along with his background taught him the value of helping others, so he makes sure that he gives back to the community he lives in. Michael has made it his personal mission to increase visibility and educate others about what Living Room does to support reducing the rate of infection.
He took it upon himself to put together and host a house party to raise support for Living Room this past Georgia Gives Day (GGD). The event made him feel, “…humbled by the generosity of not only donors, but also friends willing to help put together the event.” Michael’s GGD event was incredibly successful and really exemplifies how much our volunteers give.

Katherine Klein

Kate Klein

For the past 10 years, Kate has been working as a microbiologist and epidemiologist specializing in tuberculosis (TB). She is all too familiar with the increased risk people living with HIV/AIDS have of becoming infected with TB, especially when they are staying in shelters. Kate routinely provides testing results to individuals across the country, but felt she wanted to do more for her own community. While researching volunteer positions online, Kate came across Living Room’s request for volunteers and immediately thought it was, “the perfect fit.”
Kate’s favorite volunteering opportunity with Living Room was our Taste of Life silent auction. She enjoyed meeting Living Room’s supporters as she expertly handled payment processing for the auction. However, her favorite part of the evening was hearing Shyronn’s touching story.

Left to right: Angela Susten (executive director), Kate Klein, and Erin Linley (community outreach coordinator) take a picture after recognizing Kate as an outstanding 2017 volunteer at Living Room’s New Office Open House event.

We have plenty of volunteer opportunities planned for 2018. If you would like to become a volunteer, please complete our online volunteer application form to get started!

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