Living Room Recognizes Keystone Circle Members at First Legacy Social
April 28, 2018

Within the last several years, Living Room’s Keystone Circle has grown into a committed group of donors and advocates who are determined to see an end to homelessness for people living with HIV/AIDS. On April 19, 2018, we had an amazing opportunity to honor those folks who had been champions of our work last year (and, for many, for years and years), by publicly recognizing their generosity and support.

For those who might not know, the Keystone Circle is a philanthropic community of Living Room supporters whose annual contributions have a profound impact on our ability to provide physical, financial, and emotional security to Georgians living with HIV/AIDS. With roughly 17,000 people living with HIV/AIDS experiencing housing insecurity in metro Atlanta alone, the support of each and every Keystone Circle Member is an invaluable proponent of our mission and work.

Audrey Krumbach, Director of Development, speaking at the event presentation.

During a brief presentation at the event, Audrey Krumbach, Living Room’s Director of Development made it clear:

“[This] is why we’re here tonight. HIV is no longer a deadly disease if people have access to health care. In fact, several studies have shown that when treated, HIV does not have to shorten a person’s life at all. But a mother with two children who is barely making ends meet, putting half or more of her paycheck into rent each month, is not going to take a day off of work and lose pay to see her doctor. A man trying to survive while sleeping in his car will not be worried about filling his prescription, he is worried about making it safely until morning.”

Keystone Circle allows our program staff to say “Yes!” to as many people as possible who come into our office for assistance. It allows us to push the boundaries of care and compassion in ways we otherwise could not.

Your Place in Keystone Circle
Keystone Circle continues to grow. Whether you are a veteran advocate for HIV and/or housing issues or just want to a do your part to improve your community, there is a place in the Keystone Circle for you.

Become a Keystone Circle Member

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